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Today many organisations are already using security solutions on their cloud without knowing it; the main choice of tool in this area is usually email virus scanning and anti-spam services. These early tools have now developed into multiple suites and provide multi-layered solutions to many of today’s IT security challenges

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The Evolution of Security Solutions

Today many of the original cloud email suites have evolved into internet web threat protection and user monitoring services. These integrated solutions are offered as ‘Cloud only’ or, depending on requirements, a hybrid solution of on-premise and off-premise software. 

Security Issues beyond email and internet suites

Moving beyond the web threat security suites are products that offer a plethora of on-demand services to address IT security challenges on clouds. 

Listed below is are examples of how security solutions can benefit your organisation;

- Penetration testing: automated penetration testing suites are able to ‘exploit’ weaknesses in your system defences that a malicious hacker would try to exploit

- Vulnerability scanning: a must for all businesses. A number of products are available in this area to address the need for system patching and removal of weaknesses inherent in most IT systems. If you run an e-commerce site or take credit card payments you will see that PCI (payment card industry) rules require a vulnerability check with a low score.

- Single Sign On: When running multiple applications across different providers, password management sprawl is something we often see. To address this, ‘Single Sign on’ services enable an organisation to provide a central password system to enable login to all services.

- Domain federation services: investment in computing directories such as Microsoft’s Active Directory have been considerable over the years. A domain federation service would replicate the security and permissions structure to enable the same level of service to a cloud provider based on your own network permissions.

- Cloud Firewalls: maintaining firewalls on site can be a cost and labour intensive exercise. Cloud Firewall providers are able to offer complete firewall protection for your business with simple, easy to use configuration guides.

- Intrusion prevention / detection: IDS/IPS is the art of detecting intruders accessing your systems. Moving your protection to a cloud provider will enable you to have your own in-house security team available, 24x7x365, to respond to your security alerts.

- Encryption: as many organisations migrate to cloud computing services we have found that many choose to use cloud encryption services to protect data, whether stored or in transit. This allows for compliance with many of the leading worldwide regulations regarding data protection.

These are just some of the advantages of using cloud security solutions to reduce cost and risk within your business. 

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