Ethernet Internet Access services are essentially leased line circuits using the Ethernet standard to provide IP Transit and internet access.

Ethernet is the standard network protocol used to power everything from local area networks through to Ethernet Leased Lines and internet access products.Connectivity to the Cloud
Using a standard such as Ethernet to deliver internet services provides to a customer an un-contended dedicated private connection capable of delivering a range of features and functionality.
Ethernet internet access services are delivered physically on either a fibre or copper medium this connection is also known as a ‘bearer circuit’. Ethernet internet access services are available across the UK from datacentres and points of presence and are available to the majority of internet service providers.
Recent innovations in the UK national telephony infrastructure has enabled a number of new Ethernet internet access products to be designed and deployed using broadband technologies and Ethernet over copper and Ethernet first mile services which offer substantial savings on leased line based services.


Ethernet internet access services provide a fantastic way to connect to the internet or remote offices. Below are listed some of the highlights of leased line services.

  • No Contention
Ethernet internet access services are dedicated private connections that are not subject to contention ratios. Although contention is still possible at your providers internet peering point if they have oversubscribed there IP transit peering.
  • Choice of providers
Today many local and national internet service providers offer Ethernet internet access services providing freedom of choice and connectivity options. 
  • Costs
Ethernet first mile and other innovations are driving down the cost of internet access for business. Stable high bandwidth connections are now a reality for any organisation.
  • Ethernet 
Using a standards driven protocol makes it very easy to interface your existing systems and hardware with your new connection.
  • Quality of service
Ethernet internet access products are ideal for products such as VOIP, hosted PBX and cloud computing services. QoS or quality of service is a traffic prioritisation method to allow for better performance of mission critical applications such as voice or video.


With any technology deployment there are things to keep in mind and consider. We have listed out potential issues to consider when purchasing an Ethernet internet access service.

  • Service level agreement
Your service level agreement provides guarantees for uptime availability from your provider, always check that your provider has stable internet connectivity and a history of adhering to SLA’s.
  • Redundancy
Whilst being an extremely stable product, Ethernet access products are sometimes prone to failure due to fibre cuts or a datacentre outage or localised exchange issues. If possible try and use a redundant connection preferably from an ISP using an alternative telephone exchange or carrier. (a good example is a fibre provider such as Virgin)
  • Bandwidth
Always confirm bandwidth allocation as per your contract. Be careful of additional chares for going over your bandwidth allocation.
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