Wireless or WiMAX broadband connectivity refers to a device such as a pc laptop or mobile telephone accessing an internet network without a hard wired or physical connection.Connectivity to the Cloud

The evolution of wireless connectivity now incorporates WiMAX broadband which provides point-to-point connectivity on a synchronous basis similar to leased line technology.
With providers now delivering WiMAX broadband across the UK there has never been a better time to discover features and costs.


There are some compelling advantages for companies using cloud wireless or WiMAX broadband solution.  The wireless model of accessing and running internet connectivity delivers the following benefits;

  • Redundancy
A private dedicated internet connection for your business independent of fibre and copper based networks providing true redundancy for your connections.
  • Fast provision of service
Installation and provisioning within weeks unlike leased line services which may take up to three months. With a wireless solution there is no need to disable your current wired connections or have any downtime.
  • Security
Military grade encryption ensures your communications are secure and hacker proof.
  • Great for the cloud
WiMAX is a symmetrical service this is perfect for cloud applications due to the stability of uploads and downloads and reduction in latency. 
  • Quality of Service
WiMAX broadband services are QoS enabled ensuring that critical application such as Voice over IP can be prioritised over the network.
  • No line rental costs
With typical broadband services there are inherent costs in respect to telephone line rental with WiMAX services there is no requirement for a telephone line.
  • Broadband availability
WiMAX broadband is not dependent on the telephone exchange network meaning you may be able to get higher speeds and a better connection than using a wired broadband provider.


As with all new technologies, there are things to keep in mind and take into consideration.  Here are a couple of the main things to consider when looking at a WiMAX broadband solution for internet connectivity.

  • Location
WiMAX service deployment requires ‘line of sight’ to be able to function providers usually conduct a site survey to ensure connection.
  • Backhaul
To provide internet connectivity a WiMAX provider will route your connection through a data centre. Within the data centre the WiMAX provider will peer with other internet providers to ensure transmission of bandwidth. Always check who your provider peers with and ask about the contention ration within the internet break out service.
  • Check actual speeds
Distance limitations apply in terms of speed and quality. Always check with your provider what the estimated line speed is and request a guarantee of minimum speeds.
  • Reputation of vendor
Always request customer references, investigate the size of the WiMAX provider’s current network.
  • Service level agreement
What are the service level guarantees? WiMAX providers usually have a high uptime guarantee expressed as a percentage this is normally 99.9% availability.
  • Support
What support and installation options are offered by the WiMAX provider? What are the hours of business and where is the demarcation between your network and the providers in respect to supported elements?  
At Compare the Cloud, we’re here to help you get started and to help you identify suitable wimax broadband providers to evaluate and work with.  Take a few minutes to tell us about your company in our Cloud Comparison Tool, and we’ll present you with some informed options – and help you take full advantage of what WiMAX broadband can offer.

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