Finding the right Cloud Consultant

Today many organisations wish to exploit cloud computing but lack either the knowledge or expertise in-house to migrate or deliver business value, this is where working with a reputable knowledgeable cloud consultancy service is key to unlocking cloud computing.

Many organisations are at varying stages of cloud adoption, with many using cloud computing services but not realising. An example of this may be using hosted email or perhaps some form of back-up service.

At Compare the Cloud we have assembled a range of IT and Cloud consultants to help our customers derive benefit from various cloud computing services.

Typical examples of where a cloud consultancy will drive benefits are:

-          Suitability of business applications to be migrated to a cloud platform

-          Security of the proposed cloud provider and encryption of sensitive data

-          Migration of services

-          Replication of user permissions

-          Data legislation

-          Return on investment measurement

-          Connectivity testing

-          Best practice approach to utilising cloud services

These are just some of the many examples where a Cloud Consultancy will drive value into your cloud adoption based on public cloud offerings.

Moving beyond these examples there are also additional cloud options which allow your internal IT systems to run as a Cloud Computing service. This is also known as a ‘Private Cloud’ which is defined as being 100% controlled by the organisation whereas it’s deployed.

Private Clouds are typically deployed as a virtualisation project with varying levels of control panels and system redundancy built in. There are a number of vendors that have developed deployable private clouds ‘out of the box’ with varying levels of strengths, at Compare the Cloud we would always advise scoping out the right solution for your needs. An additional solution focus beyond public and private cloud solutions is the Hybrid Cloud.

Hybrid Clouds are typically used by organisations wishing to reduce costs on systems such as storage area networks and hardware but wish to retain tight control of security but want scalability and cost reduction. There are a number of suites available today that integrate with the majority of major cloud computing platforms each has its merits. At Compare the Cloud we would always advocate engaging with a Cloud Consultancy who has experience across the major Hybrid cloud platforms and is able to deliver independent advice which aligns with your business goals.

There are also a number of other cloud computing services that may benefit your business for instance SaaS or Software as a Service is a great example of how cloud computing drives value. In essence a SaaS provider maintains supports and constantly upgrades software delivered over a private or public internet connection. These software services range from typical hosted email services through to advanced office suites such as customer relationship management or perhaps business process management. The reduction in CAPEX expenditure and migration onto a OPEX expenditure model allows for predictable monthly costs, additional cost reduction is derived from negating the need to buy server hardware and software licences. The majority of SaaS vendors work to monthly contracts ensuring performance and service levels are high to retain clients.

For further information regarding how a cloud consultancy will help your business use our free of charge tool or get in touch with us here at Compare the Cloud for introductions into our cloud consultancy providers.


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