A network is the term used to describe the connectivity and communication devices that send and receive information within your premises, datacentre or to access the internet.

Whilst networks today all generally use the Ethernet protocol for transmission and broadcast there are a number of different devices ("networking equipment") and configurations of that equipment that can be applied to any size organisation. Cloud Computing Hardware
Network devices (Networking equipment) can provide all sorts of different functions to facilitate the efficient and safe running of your network.  Here are the main classifications of network functions and devices:
  • Switching (Switches): A Switch provides local connectivity to your desktop or devices within the datacentre and is usually priced and defined by number of ‘ports’ and bandwidth capacity.
  • Routing (Routers): A Router device acts like a telephone exchange, by communicating with other routing systems to deliver your webpage request or other medium to your system using an IP address.
  • Wireless (WiFi): wireless systems are switches that do not rely on physical cables to transmit information and access systems.


Network Devices are essential pieces of equipment required for the smooth operation of  your network.  But what specification equipment do you need, how should you support it and how best to buy it?  Compare the Cloud can help your decision making process – we'll give you: 

  • Choice of providers 
Today there is a plethora of network hardware vendors all fighting for your business, always shop around and look at features and benefits.
  • Independent advice
At Compare the Cloud we hold a database of system integrators and vendors who are able to service any requirement. Let us help you find the right vendor for your needs.
  • Access to new innovations
Being at the forefront of Cloud Computing, Compare the Cloud has access to early stage technologies usually months before general release. 
  • Local partners
Working with a local partner to fulfil your hardware requirements enables your organisation to reap the benefits of enhanced on-site support contracts. Use our tool or contact us to find suitable partners in your area. 


When purchasing new network hardware there are always areas of consideration to ensure smooth deployment. To aid your decision we have listed out key points below;

  • Interoperability
Is your network system interoperable with other systems or software within your IT systems?
  • Support
What vendor support and installation options are available either directly or through the partner channel? If you’re using a system integrator what levels of support is the vendor offering the partner in terms of high level incident support?
  • Hardware certification
Is your proposed network hardware choice certified independently as compliant with standards? And example being the energy star standard.
  • Provider experience
If you’re purchasing hardware from a system integrator always ask for previous reference sites with proven deployment of the network hardware your considering.
At Compare the Cloud, we’re here to help you get started and to help you identify suitable networking vendors and system integrators to evaluate and work with.  Take a few minutes to tell us about your company in our Cloud Comparison Tool, and we’ll present you with some informed options – and help you take full advantage of your network hardware choices.

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