Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting: What is it?

Before we answer that question, let’s remind ourselves of the definition of hosting: Simply a service that allows us to make a website accessible via the Web.

And whereas a traditional web hosting company will provide you with a home for your website on one server, a cloud hosting provider will enable your site to exist across a number of interconnected servers, which could be located across many different physical locations. It really is as simple as that.

We use cloud hosted websites every day

While cloud hosting is a relatively new  term or service?, it is already in common use. Whenever you use Google to run a search term, for example, you are accessing a website that is hosted ‘in the cloud’, or across many servers located in many different locations. Some estimate the number to be in the hundreds of thousands. Others say Google has over a million servers.

Whatever the exact figure, it’s clear that cloud hosting has many benefits, and not just to a company the size of Google. There are also a number of advantages of cloud hosting to small and medium sized businesses.

The advantages of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting has several advantages over regular hosting. Cloud hosted websites  are likely to be more  resilient, more powerful, more scalable and the service more flexible. They are therefore more cost efficient for both the operator to maintain and also for the hosting customer.  It’s a win / win for both supplier and customer.

Increased reliability

Cloud hosting by its nature should be more reliable and resilient compared to traditional forms  because other computers in the cloud can take or share the load if a single piece of hardware was to go down or exceed its optimal working conditions. For this reason and because of the geographic diversity, cloud hosting means that local power issues or natural disasters should pose less of a threat, because other machines dynamically and seamlessly compensate if others were to fail. Cloud hosted websites can also be just as secure as one where you control its physical location.

Increased power

If your hosted website has access to more servers within the cloud, it follows that it also has access to more resources, including memory and power. So in addition to being able to store more data, you’ll also have access to greater computing power on demand – as and when you need it. This needn’t be expensive. Because the real advantage of cloud hosting to organisations of all sizes is its scalability and flexibility.

More flexible and scalable

The real benefit of cloud hosting, however, is its flexibility. You’re not paying for a huge amount of infrastructure you’re not using. The server cloud can cope with peaks and troughs in demand by accessing more or less servers, network capacity and computing resources. This makes  it flexible, scalable and cost effective.

The real benefit of cloud hosting: It’s efficient and cost effective

Because you can gain instant / on demand access to a larger number of servers and resources as your requirements grow, you don’t have to spend money on capacity and resources which you don’t need.

In other words, you pay for what you use, not what you might use.

Which cloud hosting provider is right for you?

The number of cloud hosting providers has exploded in the last two years. It is now one of the fastest growing markets in IT. Competition is fierce, with all the major technology providers having some kind of cloud offering. However, as with all purchases, it pays to be diligent and spend some time researching the services and support capabilities of your prospective providers. Just because cloud hosting promises many operational benefits, it doesn’t necessarily mean bigger is better. Lower price points can quickly incur higher costs for your business if the service you purchase isn’t backed up by a high level of technical support, quality advice, SLAs and customer service.  Quite often you’ll find providers who will utilise and leverage the assets of larger companies, and combine it with their own technologies, services, and more personable support levels.  At Compare The Cloud we champion providers that can offer the best combination of all these things, geared around your exact requirements. Compare affordable cloud hosting suppliers

Take a few minutes to assess your requirements with our easy to use tool and we’ll give you three or more different suppliers who’ll be able to help. It’s completely free and independent.  With the number of providers in our cloud capability database (CCB) growing all the time, we are getting closer and closer to finding your perfect match.

Which affordable cloud hosting supplier is right for you? That’s the question. Why not take a few minutes so that we can  help you find a Cloud Hosting partner?


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